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[2017-11-09] Association of Justice Counsel wins at the Supreme Court

[2017-11-02] What is a hidden defect?

[2017-10-25] Amendments to the Act respecting the distribution of financial products and services

[2017-10-05] Electronic signature

[2017-09-28] What is the legal status of my worker?

[2017-09-21] The franchisor's duty to inform

[2017-09-14] The scope of the Securities Act

[2017-09-07] The Supreme court of Canada decides upon perpetual renewal clause

[2017-08-31] The extent of the Court’s discretionary power about incidental appeal

[2017-08-24] The Autorité des marchés financiers (Authority) monitors marketplace peer-to-peer lending platforms

[2017-08-17] Changes to the Citizenship Act

[2017-03-09] Dying without a will!

[2017-01-17] Hypothecary recourses : what are your rights?

[2016-11-04] Release from the financial institutional, unknown but required

[2016-10-28] Promise to purchase – Fundamentals of your transaction

[2016-09-06] Duty of Loyalty

[2016-08-29] Settlement: must we pay taxes on the amount received?

[2016-08-08] Drug screening in the workplace: Legitimate actions by the employer or a violation of the fundamental rights of the employee?

[2016-08-01] Vacation time!

[2016-07-18] Limitation of liability clauses

[2016-07-11] Employee appearance

[2016-06-23] Mon Projet Québec : A work in progress!

[2016-06-15] Dismissal : Progressive penalties

[2016-06-07] Why and by what means should one publish a commercial lease?

[2016-05-26] An employer’s responsibility regarding injury committed by an employee

[2016-05-19] Notice of Termination under Section 2091 of the Civil Code of Quebec

[2016-05-10] Employer’s Obligations Following the Hiring of a Temporary Worker

[2016-05-02] Attestation de Revenu Québec Mandatory in Private Contracts

[2016-04-12] A Settlement: What to do When a Party Fails to Comply?

[2016-04-05] Extinctive prescription

[2016-03-30] The Demand Letter: Why and How?

[2016-03-22] Call for Tenders : Compliance of tenders and its irregularities

[2016-03-15] Foreign workers: New List of Professions Admissible for Simplified Processing

[2016-03-08] Billing in Bars: Is the Difference Noticed?

[2016-02-19] Joint Expert Evidence in the New Code of Civil Procedure

[2016-02-02] Foreign workers: Modifications to the list of eligible occupations for simplified processing

[2016-01-22] Beware of online transactions!

[2016-01-12] Can you refuse to hire a candidate based on their criminal background?

[2015-12-29] Beware of duties when buying off the internet!

[2015-12-17] Who hasn’t been frustrated at work?

[2015-12-09] The Fight against Money Laundering: It’s Your Responsibility Too!

[2015-11-30] Do you have appropriate insurance coverage?

[2015-11-20] New Residential Construction Guarantee

[2015-11-13] Municipal Prescriptions

[2015-11-04] Dear merchant, pay attention to the prices!

[2015-10-21] Gift cards and the Consumer Protection Act

[2015-10-13] Subletting vs assigning your lease

[2015-10-02] An employer requires employees to wear a uniform identifying them as employees of the business; can he insist that they pay for their uniform?

[2015-09-29] Environmental compliance for contaminated land

[2015-09-18] Charity Spending Quota

[2015-09-08] Is Referring a Client to a Competitor Grounds for Dismissal?

[2015-08-26] UBERX: The Concept of Illegal Transportation

[2015-08-19] The itinerant merchant, who is he?

[2015-08-11] Drug screening in the workplace: Legitimate actions by the employer or a violation of the fundamental rights of the employee?

[2015-08-05] Right of ways and servitudes granted by contract : figuring it out

[2015-07-23] Acquisitive Prescription

[2015-07-17] Vacation time!

[2015-07-09] BEWARE: Modifying Employee’s Work Conditions due to the Economy

[2015-07-03] Charter of the French Language: Trademarks displayed only in English?

[2015-06-26] It’s moving day!

[2015-06-16] Bill 10: A summary

[2015-06-11] How to become a construction supplier for the Government

[2015-05-27] Going into business!

[2015-05-22] Canada's new antispam law: the new limits!

[2015-05-05] Should you sign that waver before parachuting?

[2015-05-01] Your last wishes: ‘Verba volant scripta manent’

[2015-04-23] Rights of a secured creditor

[2015-04-16] Trust your Lawyer!

[2015-04-13] When do you need to consult a lawyer?

[2015-04-02] Is a shareholder bound by an unsigned agreement?

[2015-03-24] NPOs and donation receipts

[2015-03-19] Notice of termination

[2015-03-12] Suretyship, do you know the pros and cons?

[2015-02-19] Did you know the Small Claims Court has doubled the claim ceiling in Quebec?

[2015-02-10] The New Code’s Emphasis on Dispute Resolution

[2015-01-16] Counter letters and their effects to third parties

Did you know…

More than 25 years ago, in an attempt to intervene in urgent immigration files, the federal government introduced on-call services on a voluntary basis by it jurist employees. These jurists were allowed to enroll in the on-call services, which would ensure their availability and their presence after work hours as well as weekends. Their usual compensation for this service would be supplemental hours or paid leave for their on-call hours served.


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