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Dear merchant, pay attention to the prices!

You manage a retail business and propose to your distinguished customers a few specialty selections of gourmet foods from around the world. In an attempt to be original and satisfy your most selective customers, all while keeping your most frugal clientele, your inventory changes continuously, as well as the prices.

Mrs. Veilleux, a weekly patron of many years, presents herself at the cash register in hopes of buying a new product: a pot of Indian spices full of a myriad of flavors. You scan the product bar code and the cash machine displays 22 $. Mrs. Veilleux, who was counting her money in the palm of her hand, lifts her head and is astonished. In an accusatory tone, she says 'the ticket on the shelf indicated 4.25 $!' What should you do?

If the price sticker is not labeled on the product itself, this is problematic because you have chosen to exempt yourself from the obligation of labelling the price on each product offered for sale. If this is the case, you are held responsible to the Price Accuracy Policy which states that should the item up for dispute be valued at less than 10 $, that product is to be given to the customer for free.

Consequently, if Mrs. Veilleux sees clearly, she would leave your retail store with a pot of Indian spices without having paid a cent. If you should choose to refuse to apply the Price Accuracy Policy, you risk having a complaint filed against you by your customer at the Office de la protection du consommateur which would expose your to a 600 $ to 15 000 $ fine for a natural person and 2 000 $ to 10 000 $ fine for a corporate entity.

Several other provisions are governed by the Price Accuracy Policy. For more information, you can visit the Office de la protection du consommateur or consult your legal counsel.


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