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Promise to purchase – Fundamentals of your transaction

You would like to sell your house or commercial building? You do not know where to start? Before beginning the process, it is very important to consult a legal advisor regarding signing the promise to purchase. Your advisor could adequately explain the contract to you. With or without conditions, the promise to purchase is the beginning of your transaction and must exactly represent the agreement between the parties. A hasty signature could result in headaches and even the obligation to sell your property in the worst conditions. Take a step in the right direction and obtain information from your legal advisor.

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Buying a home is an important event for anyone. Sometimes, after the purchase of a home, some problems that were previously unsuspected come to light. Whether it’s cracked foundations, water infiltration, mold, etc., these defects cause you a great deal of hassle and generate significant costs. What can you do in this situation?


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